Tuesday, 2 November 2010

LONGCHAMP spree is back!

Step 1: Click the link below
E-shopping (women)
E-shopping (men)

Step 2: Choose which item you want to order

Step 3: Email me the details
1. Lines
2. Name, Color & Position of the bag (no. berapa dari kiri)
3. Reference no.
4. Price

Please make sure there is '
PURCHASE' button
to make sure the item is still available in the web

You can collect the item on 20th December onwards (at Putrajaya/Bangi/Serdang/Rawang)
Email me at mazliana.ak@gmail.com
27th November 2010

ONLY 5 slots available!

RM50 Handling Fee: HuntingInManchester

Join me HuntingInManchester this December!

Place your order before 1st December 2010 and pay ONLY RM50 for the handling fee.
So cheap!

Terms and Conditions
1. Full payment in pounds note is needed. I prefer to meet @Putrajaya/Bangi/Serdang areas.
(if you prefer to pay in RM; bank in to my account,
currency conversion : GBP? x RM5 + RM10)
2. Only valid for HuntingInManchester Shopping Spree (walk-in NOT online order)
3. Please collect your order @Putrajaya/Bangi/Serdang. I didn't do any delivery. Others delivery method can be arranged.

What is covered in handling fee?
1. My travel cost from KL,Malaysia to Manchester,UK (RM3785) plus train,cab and bus fares (>RM100).
2. Carry your order in my luggage from Manchester-KL.
3. Spend my luggage weight and space on yours.

What are you waiting for?
Email me at mazliana.ak@gmail.com