Sunday, 9 May 2010


Longchamp Online shopping spree!!!
it's easy to find Le Plieage bag at Longchamps store but not for other lines.
even limited color for Le Plieage
kedai kecikkkk sgttt :(

Shopping online at Longchamp.

Step 1: Click the link below
E-shopping (women)
E-shopping (men)

Step 2: Choose the lines (not categories..ssh ni nk cari)

Step 3: Email me the details
1. Lines
2. Name, Color & Position of da bag (no. berapa dari kiri)
3. Reference no.
4. Price

Please make sure there is '
PURCHASE' button
to make sure the item is still available in the web

You can collect the item on 15th June onwards (in KL/N9)
Email me at
22 May 2010